How do you mix hot and cold water coming out of MAC electronic faucet?
The MAC A-12910 is a mixing valve designed to mix hot and cold water before entering faucet. It is equipped with back flow preventers. And is ordinarily installed below sink.
MAC faucets also has means of mixing water above the sink using mixining valves that are matching in style and finish to the faucet. There are many to choose from. Please feel free to call.
How long does batteries last on automatic faucets?
Battery life expectancy is 18 - 24 months. Your experience may differ depending on usage.
What type of batteries are used in MAC sensor faucets?
All MAC faucets employ, and are shipped with, 4 standard AA batteries.
What brand of batteries do you recommend?
We recommend Duracell copper top batteries.
What type of aerator is used on MAC touchless faucets?
Depending on the faucet model, MAC faucets employ a variety of aerators, mostly supplied by Neoperl. All faucets are shipped with 1.5GPM aerator. We also have 1.0GPM, 0.5GPM amd 0.35GPM offered as options.
How long do I need to leave my hands in front of a hands free faucet before water begins to flow out?
MAC faucets, like most hands free faucets, employ "presence sensors" and not motion sensors. The faucet will sense the presence of your hand within approximately half of a second. Water should begin to flow out, seemingly, instantaneously.
Can I install infrared faucets outdoors?
MAC infrared faucets are designed for indoor use only. They may be installed in outdoors applications, however, make sure that the sensor lens does not receive direct sunlight.
Are there any limitations to where I can install your faucets that I need to know about?
MAC faucets are designed for all types of deck mount, wall mount and vessel sink applications. All you need is water supply, and sink. Please note that when installing to vessel type sink the faucet must also be elevated above the sink to insure that the sensor's "vision" is not blocked.