Effective July 1st 2015, MAC Faucets, LLC has adopted an Internet Minimum Advertised Price Policy [IMAP]. This IMAP policy applies to all MAC Faucets, LLC retail and wholesale partners in the USA. IMAP policy addresses the advertised price of MAC Faucets products on the internet, and not the final sale price of the product.

This IMAP policy is critical for the preservation of the MAC Faucets Brand and to protect the interest of our retail and wholesale partners. IMAP is applicable ONLY to advertising MAC Faucets products over the Internet (Internet Advertising), whether conducted through a website controlled by the customer, or through an auction website such as eBay, or third party Internet tools such as banner ads and destination pages, “View in Cart”, etc... This policy does not apply to issued quotes, verbal or written, and does not apply to the selling price of the product.



This Policy applies to all current MAC Faucets products advertised in “NEW” condition, including accessories and replacement parts to name a few, (Covered Products). Products not covered by MAC Faucets IMAP policy include “used”, “rebuilt”, “refurbished”, and “factory reconditioned” products. Other products not covered by this policy include “discontinued products”, and “close-out or distressed merchandise”, to name a few.



The Internet Minimum Advertised Price (“IMAP”) for the Covered Products shall be the

current “List Price” established by MAC Faucets, LLC less 40%. No Covered Products shall be advertised as outlined above for a price which is lower than 40% below current “List Price”.

For the purpose of further clarification;

If the current “List Price” is $100.00 then the advertised sale price shall be no lower than $60.00.

This policy is unilateral, non-negotiable and will not be altered by Resellers. Resellers, at their own discretion decide to follow this policy. All Resellers of Covered Products remain free to sell the Covered Products at any price they choose.

No MAC Faucets employee or officer has the sole discretion to modify or alter this Policy or to negotiate this Policy or any agreement with respect to this policy with any Reseller.



1) Free shipping may be offered to customers to provide a discounted total price.

2) Coupons and other conditional sales events that require the customer to perform a qualifying action are permitted with advance notice sent to MAC Faucets,LLC

Please submit notices for upcoming sales request with details to and we will respond within 2 business days with questions and comments.



MAC Faucets, LLC reserves the right to conduct online investigations and audits related, solely, to internet advertised price of Covered Products. Any reseller determined by MAC Faucets, LLC to be in violation of these policies is subject to the following actions being taken by MAC Faucets, LLC in enforcement of the policies:

Step 1: Reseller will be notified in writing of the violation(s). Reseller will have ten (10) calendar days to remedy such violation(s) and return to compliance with the IMAP policy.

Step 2: If Reseller fails to correct the violation within ten (10) calendar days from the date the written

notice was provided, MAC Faucets, LLC will immediately suspend sales to Reseller of the item or items being advertised below the IMAP price. The suspension will last for a period of thirty (30) calendar days. During this 30 days period, said Reseller will be removed from MAC Faucets List of Authorized Internet Resellers.

Step 3: Following the end of the thirty (30) day period reference in Step 2 above, and provided that

Reseller did not otherwise violate the IMAP policy during the thirty (30) day suspension period, MAC Faucets, LLC will reinstate Reseller to full status.

If the Reseller continues to be in violation of the IMAP policy at the end of the thirty (30) day suspension period, it will be considered a second violation.

Second Violation: If a second violation of the IMAP policy by Reseller occur within twelve (12) month

period after the first, Reseller will be notified that if the violation is not corrected within twenty-four (24) hours, MAC Faucets, LLC will immediately cease doing business with Reseller and remove the Reseller again from list of Authorized resellers.

Repeat Violations: MAC Faucets, LLC reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to cease doing business with a reseller at any time in the event of repeated violations of this policy by the customer. Further, MAC Faucets, LLC reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to change the policies contained herein and to interpret, enforce and otherwise determine any and all issues relating to this policy. No sales representative or agent of MAC Faucets, LLC has any authority to change or enforce these policies, or to discipline any customer.

Note: This Policy is not intended to restrict MAC Faucets, LLC's rights to manage its distribution channels, nor is it intended to limit the reseller's ability to sell products at the price is deems fit. It bears repeating that this is a policy solely aimed at Internet Advertised prices of Covered Products.


7/1/2015 mac faucets,llc