Please be advised that All MAC Faucets sold in the state of CA are compliant with the

California Energy Commission “Appliance Efficiency Program”.

  • All faucet models starting with FA (for example FA400-1400, FA444-17, FA610-68, etc...)   will be shipped with 0.5GPM aerators to meet mandated water usage levels. One model, FA400-106 and derivatives, are excluded from this list. See below.
  • Faucet model FA400-106 and all derivatives of this model (for example FA400-106SM) are not available for sale in the State of California. This model has a “waterfall” feature, the flow of which cannot be reduced to mandated levels.
  • Manual + Electronic faucet model AQ106 will be sold with 1.2GPM flow regulator. This faucet is designated for residential usage or in hospitality suites only.

Water resources in the state have been under pressure for decades and are finally reaching critical stage. The state of California mandated that all lavatory faucets sold for public use must be equipped with 0.5GPM aerators (or less) to minimize water usage. Lavatory faucets sold for residential use must be equipped with 1.2GPM aerators (or less).

MAC Faucets, LLC is pleased to do its part.

For more on this subject, please click on the links below.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

Link to the California Energy Commission:

Link to NOAA Drought Monitor. Updated regularly: