Luxury Touchless Faucets

FA400-1400M Electronic Hands Free Faucet and Mixing Valve
FA400-1400M: MAC Faucets (Model) is a touchless, sensor faucet with matching hot-cold water mixi..
Ultra Modern Automatic Faucets FA400-1200
This Beautifully Euro-Designed Automatic faucet is an exquisite work of art combined with function..
FA400-106SM Electronic Hands Free Faucet with Soap Dispenser & Mixing Valve
FA400-106SM: MAC Faucets (Model) is an infrared sensor faucet with matching manual soap and loti..
FA444-63S Electronic touchless faucet with matching soap dispenser
State of the Art, ADA Compliant, Heavy Duty Lavatory Automatic, Electronic, Motion Sensor Faucet, ..