Luxury Touchless Faucets

FA444-17M Automatic Faucet with Hot-Cold Water Mixing Valve
This Sleek Design faucet is an exquisite work of art which combines Great Style with Hands free ..
FA400-109 Decorative Automatic Sensor Faucet
MAC Faucets finest "Victorian Style" Faucet. Arguably the most elegant, most luxurious e..
MAC's NEWEST Touch-Free Faucet with 4” Deck Plate FA444-17DS
Please Note: (Note: Quantity discounts will be honored only for purchases of 8 or more. *Min..
FA400-1400M Electronic Hands Free Faucet and Mixing Valve
FA400-1400M: MAC Faucets (Model) is a touchless, sensor faucet with matching hot-cold water mixi..