Product Code: FA400-1400m

Available Options

Finish type option:
Satin nickel


Oil rubbed bronze

Power source options:
AC adapter

4/AA Battery - Included

FA400-1400M: MAC Faucets (Model) is a touchless, sensor faucet with matching hot-cold water mixing valve. Made by MAC Faucets, LLC of Hawthorne, CA. the (model) is first, and only, faucet of its type and caliber that is specifically designed for discriminating clientele'. This product is recommended for office buildings, clinics, hospitality suites, residential properties, and stylish powder rooms everywhere. The (model) is not recommended for public restrooms. The (model) is a heavy duty, industrial quality lead free solid brass faucet, designed specifically for high traffic environment. It is powered by the FA400 Faucet Automator, and backed by a 10 year track record of trouble free reliability. The FA400 Faucet Automator employs the latest in plug and play digital electronics, solid brass solenoid valve with integral filter and water flow adjustment, and it all comes in a package that is a breeze to install. The matching hot and cold water mixing valve is designed and manufactured by MAC Faucets, LLC. It is the first and only valve that is designed specifically to work in conjunction with, and to match in style and in finish to, a specific sensor faucet. This quarter turn valve is made of lead free solid brass, and is designed to install into a standard sink hole. The mixing valve is designed to give the user the option to adjust water mixture in order to better enjoy their hands free operation experience. It may be turned fully to the right to allow water into faucet from the cold water supply, fully to the left to allow water into faucet from the hot water supply, or anywhere in between for a mix of both hot and cold water. Due to the design elements and manufacturing processes, this valve is projected to provide users with years of trouble free service.

Available in 22 commercial quality finishes.

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Installation Manual
Rough-in Sheet
Specification sheet