Caring our planet

How do we reconcile economic growth and the consumption against the need to protect our planet and its resources? This difficult to answer question is the main reason we are focused on products, processes, and innovations that decrease the environmental footprint which MAC Faucets leaves behind, then mitigate its impact.

Recycle: With clear dedication the team at MAC Faucets has implemented programs to recycle every possible recyclable component, hardware, and packing material which enter our facility. Items such as metals, plastics, paper products, batteries and other items with set recycling clearinghouse in the state of California are recycled.

Reuse: We target suppliers who provide recycled materials which comply with stringent specifications and are shipped with MSDS. Using such Eco-friendly recycled material (when possible) helps lower the need for mining, logging and other such ecologically harmful activities, as well as provide for better waste management solutions.