WaterSense is an EPA (environmental protection agency) sponsored program, emphasizing between the various utility agencies, building industry professionals, water consuming establishments and the end user. This voluntary program has the stated goal of protecting the future of the U.S. water supply. WaterSense program has done a great job in bringing water issues awareness to the citizen psyche, as well as promoting the concept of water efficient products and services.

Water efficiency specifications are developed by the EPA. MAC Faucets products such as electronic Faucets and electronic flush valves are compliant with these specifications. We continue to develop new products with Watersense in mind, and to conduct testing on these new products to ensure the stated efficiency and performance criteria are met.

MAC Faucets, LLC products such as the Industry Standard faucets and flush valves, Autoluxe faucets, and Aqua Ibrido faucets are designed and built in accordance with WaterSense specifications. MAC Industry Standard faucets, Autoluxe faucets, and Aqua Ibrido faucets are shipped with 1.5GPM aerators with options for 1.0GPM, 0.5GPM aerators and 0.38GPM aerators CAL Green standard.

MAC Faucets, ATV-3 and AUV-3 are designed and manufactured to dispense water at the lowest flush rate possible. We continue to explore methods of dispensing even less water without compromising product acceptance in the market place. We're in this together manufacturer, distributor, buyer and user.

When granted permission to do so, MAC Faucets, LLC and its sales force take pride in education our client base about the benefits of WaterSense specifications. Communications are sent to Educational facilities, municipalities, clinics, office buildings, restaurants, hotels and Casinos, and public facilities, among others.

At MAC Faucets, LLC we're committed to delivering only the best, and most efficient product on the market today.